Product Information

Model 388A IF-to-Tape/Baseband Converter


  • 3 Fixed IF Inputs 21.4, 70, 160 MHz Standard
  • Variable Frequency Input 10–250 MHz
  • Output Bandwidths 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 20, 50, 80 MHz
  • Variable Output Center Frequency: 100 kHz–80 MHz
  • RS-232 Control, Optional Ethernet
  • Group Delay Equalization
  • Compact, Half-rack Package
  • Over 20 dB Improvement Carrier-to-Noise Ratio Over Previous Model 388
  • Selectable Output Level for Compatibility with Both Analog & Digital Recorders

The Model 388A IF-to-Tape/Baseband Converter provides the features necessary to meet today’s wide range of signal downconversion applications from conventional IF-to-tape conversion to high speed A/D signal recording. The unit offers maximum user flexibility and improved performance while maintaining a compact mechanical package.

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