Product Information

Prospector PRO-8010 Frequency Converter


  • Versatile DSP-based Signal Converter
  • Up- or Down Conversion of DC to 50 MHz to Any Output Frequency in the Range of 100 kHz–200 MHz Up to 50 MHz Signal Bandwidth
  • 14-bit Resolution
  • Selectable Digital Filter Bandwidth
  • 3 kHz–50 MHz
  • Low Group Delay
  • 1 kHz Tuning Resolution
  • Ethernet Control
  • Single-channel Operation

The PRO-8010 Frequency Converter is the first member of the Prospector family of DSP-based, signal processing products. Built on a flexible FPGA-based hardware platform the Prospector Frequency Converter offers the flexibility of all-digital frequency conversion and digital filtering, as well as the ability to incorporate software-based upgrades available in the future.

The Prospector PRO-8010 series converters are capable of processing signals with bandwidths as wide as 50 MHz, and have been tailored to meet the requirements of versatile frequency translation useful for post-processing and lab applications. Specifically, the PRO-8010 provides selectable upconversion, from baseband, of bandpass signals that have been stored on traditional analog or modern digital signal recorders. The signal is digitally frequency-translated to any standard IF frequency in the range of DC to 200 MHz. This includes the ability to downconvert input signals with frequency limited to 50 MHz, to an alternate frequency within the range of 100 kHz–50 MHz. A user-selectable digital filter converts only the signal within the bandwidth of interest and provides high rejection of adjacent signal energy.

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