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Pro-8220 Screen Outputs

  • Combine up to four 10GBE sources into a single downstream feed
  • Layer agnostic – works with any Ethernet protocol
  • Supports single-fiber transmit-only sources and single-fiber output
  • Entirely automatic- no configuration is required.
  • Simplified installations of digitizing receivers
  • Combining digital IF streams from multiple products
  • Maximize network bandwith
  • Application 4

Maximize your downstream 10GbE network bandwith with this 4-to-1 network “combiner” utlity. The iNU-0401 accepts up to four 10GbE li ns ais SFP+ and passes their network traffic downstream ia a signle SFP+ output port. Routing a single downstream link versus four eases installation and maintenance when the 10GbE sources are not using their full network bandwith. This product operates without any configuration-it round-robinis among the active sources and packs the downstream link with packets as they arrive without any straving any source. A vsimple console interface is provided for status monitoring, bu in normal operation it is not required. The iNU-0401 operates from a single +9VDC to +16VDC supply and includes an internal fan for cooling. Source bandwith overflow is flagged via a front-panel LED that may be reset via a front-panel button. Operation could not be simpler.

SFP+ modules supported (not provided): 10GbE LR/SR
10GbE input sources supported: 0 to 4
Network protocols: Any (operatons on Ethernet frames)
Maximum 10 GbE input bandwith: 2.45Gbps (with
four active sources, other combinations are possible)
Interface modes: Dual-fiber or single-fiber (TX only)

Operating tempature: -10°C to + 70°C
Serial Console: 115200 8N1 (FTDI-based USB micro-B)
Power consumption: < 25W
Power: +9VDC to +16 VDC (6-pin LEMO), protected
by user-serviceable fuse, power pigtail included
Weight: TBD
Dimensions: 5.5”W x 2”H x 7.75”D

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