Product Information

Prospector PRO-8220 Remote Spectrum Display


Pro-8220 Screen Outputs

  • Remote IF/Video Display of up to 8 Separate Receivers
  • 100 MHz Maximum Real-time Signal Bandwidth
  • High Sensitivity
  • Dual 12-bit 213½ MS/s ADC
  • Integrated Anti-aliasing IF Filters
  • Selectable FFT Size/Resolution up to 4096 Points
  • Spectrum Analyzer, Spectrogram, and Oscilloscope Displays
  • Optional Dual-channel Capability
  • Optional Digital I/Q Outputs

The PRO-8220 is a member of the Prospector series of DSP-based signal processing products. Built on a high-performance FPGA-based hardware platform, the Prospector Remote Spectrum Display offers the performance benefits of an FFT-based real time spectrum analyzer, with the ability to incorporate software features and upgrades available in the future.

The PRO-8220 is designed to provide local or remote spectral display and analysis of up to eight separate receiver outputs. As an enhanced replacement for the Model 692R line of remote IF pan displays, the PRO-8220 can accept IF signal inputs as high as 200 MHz. Additionally, the PRO-8220 provides the capability to process up to 100 MHz of baseband or video signals, such as FDM or other post-detection signals, making it also a replacement for the Model 692B, 692B/DT and 695 products.

The PRO-8220 is intended for direct interface with HF, VHF/UHF and microwave receivers, and it includes variable gain preamplifiers to extend the sensitivity well beyond that of the A/D converter alone. The overall signal range extends from +20 dBm to below –90 dBm. Anti-aliasing filters ensure that spurious signal outputs from receivers, or harmonics generated from external preamplifiers, do not show up as signals.

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