Product Information

SMR-3822A Advanced Wideband Microwave Search Receiver

3822A FP

  • 0.1–20 GHz Tuning Range
  • Compatible with FE-3820 Frequency Extender
  • IF Outputs at 1 GHz, 160 MHz and 70 MHz
  • Controlled from Remote Workstation
  • Antenna Band Select Aux. Control
  • F1-F2 Sweep and Fixed Frequencies
  • Ethernet 10/100BaseT Control


  • AM/FM Demodulators
  • RF Blanking
  • RF Attenuation

The SMR-3822A Receiver, a member of the SMR-3000 family of high-performance synthesized microwave receivers, covers 0.1 to 20 GHz. Millimeter wave frequency extension is achievable using an FE-3820. An internal Spectrum Display Generator (SDG) generates data that can be used to develop RF sweep and IF pan spectrum displays on a remote workstation or laptop. The receiver provides simultaneous wideband IF outputs at 1 GHz (500 MHz bandwidth) and 160 MHz (100 MHz bandwidth) in addition to a post-filtered 160-MHz IF output. All IF outputs have a noninverted spectrum; in addition, there is operator-selectable inversion of the IF up to 20 GHz tuned frequency.

Enhanced GUI

3822A GUI 6 trace Display

  • Full Band RF Sweep Spectrum Display
  • IF Pan Displays Maximum Span of 100 MHz
  • Zero Span Mode
  • 2D or 3D Waterfall Display in RF Sweep or IF Pan Modes
  • Snapshot Feature
  • 64 Receiver Parameter Presets
  • Step and Dwell or Channel Scan Mode
  • Operator Defined Zoom

The enhanced GUI for search receivers allows the operator to remotely control an SMR-3822A microwave receiving system. This GUI has similar display capabilities as the SMR-3822 GUI shown on the previous page. Six-trace, RF sweep, and IF pan displays are available.

The enhanced features include a 25-channel step and dwell function and an improved parameter set manager for storage and recall of preset receiver operating functions. Also included are updated 2D and 3D waterfall displays.

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