RF Distribution

Frequency distribution from iRF provide customers with a convenient, reliable, well performing solution for frequency distribution. These products can support both defense and commercial applications, including ATE systems, avionics, telecom, wireless infrastructure, and satellite systems


DF Switch, BIT Combiner

The DF Switch, BIT Combiner directs either of two banks of six inputs  to a common bank of six, independent outputs, actuated by remote  Ethernet control. An additional Built-In Test (BIT) input can be  injected into any of the twelve signal inputs for path verification.


Band Reject Filter Assembly

The Band Reject Filter Assembly has four channels each covering  a different frequency band. Each channel includes a tunable  notch filter with steep rejection qualities. An ethernet interface  allows remote programming of the notch frequencies.


RF Signal Switch Matrix

The RF Signal Switch Matrix is a non-blocking switch matrix with 9  outputs, 9 inputs and a BIT test input that executes a strobe  driven switch configuration table through remote control. 

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