Product Information

iWR-7610 6-18GHz Dual Channel Microwave Tuner

iWR-7610 Front

  • Dual Independent Channels
  • Tuning Range 6.0 to 18.0 GHz
  • 500 MHz BW at 1 GHz IF
  • <15 dB Noise Figure
  • Ethernet Control


  • Microwave Frequency Extender
  • Signal Intercept
  • SIGINT Survey/ Collection

The iWR-7610 Dual Channel Microwave Tuner includes two independent high-performance, wideband microwave tuners in a convenient 19 inch rack-mount package. Each tuner converts signals in the range of 6 to 18GHz to an IF output centered at 1.0GHz with 500MHz of signal bandwidth.

The iWR-7610 achieves a compact form factor by leveraging the LITERAIL technology which provides high performance at microwave frequencies while minimizing SWAP and reducing production costs. The iWR-7610 design philosophy supports maximum re-use of RF front-end technology and common I/O modules, which is based on SMART, Scalable Modular Architecture for Receive-Transmit applications.

Control of both tuners is effected via the single 10/100 Ethernet Control Port or optional RS-232.

The analog IF outputs are suitable for direct input into an external A/D converter for special signal processing, spectral analysis or pulse parameterization.


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