Product Information


  • Tuning range 0.5 to 18 GHz
  • 1GHz IF with 500 MHz BW and 160 MHz or 140 MHz IF with 100 MHz BW
  • >65 SFDR
  • Modular Brick Housing
  • Supports independent and phase coherent operation
  • 25 Watts Total Power

The SMART RF Deck is the heart of iRF’s Scalable, Modular, Architecture for Receive/Transmit applications. It offers superior performance when compared to the competition and at a fraction of the size, weight, power and cost.

The SMART RF Deck takes advantage of recent advances in microelectronics technology which enables superior SWAP reductions and overall RF performance. The SMART concept enables cross platform portability including WIDERAIL, VME/VPX and non-standard form factors. The brick is also available as a standalone product. Coupled with our state of the art SMART iDSP Processor iRF now offers an RF to 10 GigE Software Defined Radio.

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