Product Information

iTU-6802 Dual Channel Single Slot 6U VME Microwave Tuner


  • Tuning range 0.5 to 18 GHz
  • Dual SMART RF Decks with Independent Synthesizers
  • Supports Phase Coherent Operation
  • 1GHz and 160MHz Analog IF Outputs (140 MHz Optional)
  • Supports 500 MHz and 100 MHz Bandwidths
  • Command/control via Front Panel Ethernet or VME Backplane

The iTU-6802 Dual Channel 6U VME, based on iRF’s SMART RF Deck, provides industry leading SWAP with 2 Channels on a 6U VME card. The iTU-6802 require less than 40 watts while maintaining a superior Spur Free Dynamic Range of >65 dB.

The iTU-6802 provides frequency coverage from 0.5 to 18 GHz range with simultaneous analog outputs of 100 MHz BW and 500 MHz BW which are centered at 160 MHz and 1 GHz, respectively. The analog outputs are suitable for direct input into an external A/D converter for special signal processing, spectral analysis or pulse parameterization.

The iTU-6802 is suitable for both single and multi-channel (frequency and amplitude coherent) systems. This is accomplished using a self-contained LO distribution system. This feature makes the iTU-6802 the tuner of choice for beamforming and direction finding systems, and for a wide range of scanning/acquisition ELINT and/or EW applications.

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