Product Information

DRX-5571 Digital Microwave Receiver


  • Combines Microwave Tuner, Demodulator, and Radio Demultiplexer in a Single Integrated 1U Unit
  • Tunes 0.5–20 GHz (1 kHz Tuning Resolution)
  • Microwave Tuner Based on Field Proven SMR-5550i Design
  • Demodulator Uses 140 MHz IF up to 57 MHz Bandwidth
  • Demodulates QPSK and 16, 32, & 64-QAM (2 to 46 Mbaud) Using Field Proven Demodulator
  • Includes Waveform Analysis (Auto ID)
  • 2 Dedicated FPGAs for Radio Processing (Decoding, Descrambling, Deframing and Demultiplexing)
  • Includes Development Kit for Custom Radio Demultiplexing Designs
  • STM-1 Optical & Electrical Outputs
  • Narrowband IF and Analog FM Video Outputs
  • GUI with Ethernet Control Interface

qam1The DRX-5571 combines the proven RF-to-IF performance of the SMR-5550 series receivers with FPGA-based demodulation and radio demultiplexing capability. This allows the receiver to process microwave signals having complex modulation and encoding schemes down to the underlying radio payload. Thus, the DRX-5571 provides a completely integrated system solution for performing capture, analysis, survey and collection of wideband digital radio RF signals.

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