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Intelligent RF Solutions Delivers First Unit of New SMART Product Line

iWR-6910 Miniature Microwave Tuner Is First Commercial SMART Deployment

Sparks, MD—April 5, 2016—Intelligent RF Solutions (iRF) today announced the first commercial shipment of its new SMART (Scalable Modular Architecture for Receive/Transmit applications) product line. SMART employs a next generation architecture which is easier to transport between platforms and update as customer needs evolve. SMART redefines the hardware infrastructure used in a variety of intelligence and military applications with modular components and various open architecture platforms. This combination extends the usable life of hardware while also reducing the overall cost to performance ratio.

The SMART product line will eventually include multiple units including RF tuners, frequency converters, and software definable receivers. The first commercial shipment of the iWR-6910 Miniature Microwave Tuner represents a significant advance for iRF. It features exceptionally small size and weight for remote, tactical installations. This makes the iWR-6910 versatile for a variety of platforms including airborne and mobile platforms such as in unmanned aerial vehicles.

“SMART requires significant engineering commitment,” said Jeff Sanders, CEO of iRF, “we think SMART is the future of RF solutions. It’s an open architecture platform which gives customers much greater flexibility. It also extends the lifetime of the RF hardware because it can be reconfigured as applications evolve.”

The iWR-6910 tuner brick operates over a frequency range of 0.5 to 26.5 GHz with a maximum IF bandwidth of 500MHz. The device weighs 3 pounds and runs off 12V DC while consuming 28 watts.

“This is just the first of our SMART components to go into production. We had to build components from the ground up, many of which are used in other parts of the SMART product line”, said Sanders. “We have been overwhelmed by the market response to SMART and are now delivering the actual product to customers.”

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Intelligent RF Solutions produces mission critical RF hardware for the Signals Intelligence, Military, and Electronic Warfare community.  Our RF solutions are used to power intelligence initiatives because we provide highly reliable equipment along with exceptional service and support to keep critical missions up and running.  Our products include high performance microwave receivers, tuners, frequency converters, and RF distribution products. Based in Sparks, Maryland, iRF’s SMART product line is the latest innovation in the company’s 40+ year history. For more information on Intelligent RF Solutions visit