Product Information

SMR-3822 Wideband Microwave Search Receiver


  • 0.5–20 GHz Tuning Range
  • SMR-3822B Replaces the Classic SMR-3822
  • Compatible with FE-3820 Frequency Extender
  • IF Outputs at 1 GHz, 160 MHz, and 70 MHz
  • Built-in Spectrum Display Processor for RF Sweep and IF Pan
  • 8 IF Bandwidths: 250 kHz–100 MHz
  • AM, FM and Log Detectors
  • Controlled from Workstation or Front Panel Controls
  • Built-in Test Functions
  • F1-F2 Sweep and Fixed Frequencies
  • Ethernet 10/100BaseT Control
  • Integrated Local Control Panel


  • RF Blanking
  • RF Front-end Attenuation
  • Other Filter Bandwidths Available
  • WBFM (500 MHz Bandwidth)

This high-performance, wideband, scanning, microwave receiver provides low noise figure, high intercept point, low phase noise, and wide dynamic range. It offers three wideband IF outputs at 1 GHz (500 MHz bandwidth), 160 MHz (100 MHz bandwidth), and 70 MHz (50 MHz bandwidth) with one post-filtered IF output centered at 160 MHz. In addition to the IF outputs, the receiver provides AM video, FM video, switched AM/FM audio outputs and optional log video. Data from the internal spectrum display generator is sent via ethernet to a PC or workstation where it is converted to RF sweep or IF pan displays.