Product Information

SMR-4820 Compact Microwave Receiver


  • 2–26.5 GHz Frequency Range
  • Compact, Lightweight Package
  • Low Phase Noise (<0.45° rms)
  • IF Outputs at 70 MHz and 140 MHz
  • IF Bandwidths from 10 MHz to 80 MHz
  • RS-422A/RS-232C & Ethernet Remote Control
  • Built-in Spectrum Display Processor for RF Sweep and IF Pan

The SMR-4820 Compact Microwave Receiver is a high performance receiver designed for applications that require small size. This highly efficient unit optimizes reception of multi-channel FDM and PCM signals. With an integrated LO phase noise of less than 0.45° rms, low group delay and high NPR performance, the SMR-4820 is an excellent unit for reception of digitally-modulated signals. It provides both wideband and narrowband (filtered) IF outputs. The basic SMR-4820 receiver is packaged in a compact rugged enclosure and operates from an AC power supply.

SMR-4820 Search GUI

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) for search receivers allows the operator to remotely control an SMR-4820 microwave receiving system. A typical configuration might have a separate trace assigned to each of the octave bands (1–2 GHz, 2–4 GHz, etc.). Each trace is an individual receiver control window that can be positioned anywhere on the desktop. A trace window can be expanded to reveal all the GUI display and receiver control functions. Based on the Windows® operating system, the GUI has a typical Windows® look and feel and provides either an RF sweep or IF pan spectrum display. In addition to the spectrum displays, a separate system manager window is provided permitting the selection of preset system configurations allowing the configuration to be quickly changed and saved/recalled from hard disk. Controls for the tuner and demodulator are available on the same receiver window.

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