SMART Solutions

SMART solutions from iRF rethink the traditional industry approach to custom product development and interface management. SMART products are transportable to multiple platforms including VME, VPX, CD-ROM, brick, and standalone. Each SMART solution provides full down conversion and up conversion capabilities in the same package. SMART features the best SWaP profile of any modular architecture in the industry.


Single Channel 0.5 to 18 GHz Microwave Down Converter

rf smart deck

RF SMART Deck is the heart of SMART. It enables superior SWaP reduction, better RF performance, and cross platform portability including WideRail, VME/VPX and non-standard form factors. Coupled with our SMART iDSP Processor, the SMART Deck offers an RF to 10 GigE Software Defined Radio.

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Miniature Wideband Microwave Tuner

The iWR-6910 is a high reliability, high performance RF tuner with minimal power consumption. The low profile down converter is built using iRF’s RF SMART Deck. Despite its small size and low power, the iWR-6910 provides excellent phase noise performance and signal fidelity.

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3U VPX Microwave Tuner

The iWR-6800 provides a fully synthesized 0.5 – 18 GHz (optional extension to 26.5 GHz) microwave tuner on a 3U VPX card. The unit requires less than 25 watts yet maintains superior Spur Free Dynamic Range (>60 dB). Features specific to the iWR-6800 make it the converter of choice for beam forming and direction finding systems.

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Single Channel Microwave VME Tuner

The iTU-6410 VME tuner functions for both single and multi-channel (frequency coherent) systems which make the iTU-6410 the tuner of choice for beamforming and direction finding systems, and for a wide range of scanning/acquisition ELINT and/or EW applications.

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WIDERAIL Microwave Receiver

The iWR-6500 offers superior spur free dynamic range (>60 dB) in the microwave frequency range while maintaining low power consumption. The pre-detected IF outputs of 1 GHz (500 MHz BW) and either 160 or 140 MHz (100 MHz) are provided to interface with existing post processing architectures.

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iDSP-6500 Interoperable Digitizer/FPGA Module

iuc 6500

The iDSP-6500 enables near real-time RF spectrum situational awareness of RF events that represent new transmitters or activities.  The iDSP module does not require specialized hardware acceleration and deployable in a tactical context, while reducing network bandwidth requirements for forward deployed sensors.

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