Product Information

iDSP-6500 Interoperable Digitizer/FPGA Module

  • ijammer275Supports two 10GbE inputs
  • User defined FPGA tuned for GOTS/COTS processing algorithms
  • Network and data format adapters available


  • RF digitization platform for narrowband and wideband signals
  • Cooperative network signal processing sensor
  • COMINT/ELINT processor node

The iDSP-6500 enables near real-time RF spectrum situational awareness of RF events that represent new transmitters or activities.  The iDSP module does not require specialized hardware acceleration and deployable in a tactical context, while reducing network bandwidth requirements for forward deployed sensors.

The iDSP sensor supports automated meta data outputs (i.e. PDWs, Pulse Framed data, BDIF) to the tactical operator simplifying the acquisition and classification of signals of interest

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