Product Information

SMR-7522 LiteRail Receiver


  • Small Size for Portability
  • Digitized IF Output (I/Q)
  • GPS-based Time Stamping of Digitized Data
  • Integrated Spectrum Display Monitor
  • Ethernet and Fiber Optic Interfaces

Continuing in the tradition of high-performance set-on microwave receivers, iRF’s SMR-7522 LiteRail Receiver family is a miniaturized, portable intercept and surveillance subsystem receiver. This receiver is designed to be used for the advanced narrowband and wideband signal targets in the emerging RF environment. The LiteRail can operate in an analog-only mode (RF-to-IF) with 70/140/160 MHz IFCF outputs with up to 100 MHz instantaneous bandwidth, with the option of a built-in digitizer for advanced signal processing. LiteRail is housed in a rugged chassis designed to operate in remote situations, UAV payload or manpack, and in harsh environments. Ideal for low power, size and weight applications (SWaP).

SMR-7522 Product Family Series

Model Number Frequency Range (GHz) Analog Output  Digital Output Options  Additional Features
SMR-7522  0.8-26.5  140 MHz IFCF, 100MHz BW FPDP,  VITA-49 70/160 MHz IF, V/UHF FE Expandable FPGA Spectral Display GUI

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