About iRF Solutions

Intelligent RF Solutions has supported the global defense and intelligence mission for more than 50 years under different entities. Most recently, in June 2013, iRF acquired the IP and assets of the Cobham CES Hunt Valley SIGINT operation. This acquisition ensures a single source in Hunt Valley for microwave receiver products supporting the Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) and Electronic Warfare (EW) missions.

With the strong growth of the business, staff and recent 10,000 sf facility expansion, iRF continues to make significant investments to ensure we provide high performance, cost effective RF and microwave solutions to the SIGINT and EW communities. iRF has seamlessly supported our customers while growing our product portfolio beyond the traditional SIGINT based products. iRF will continue to listen to our Customers and support the mission through comprehensive service support, collaborative partnerships, and innovative SIGINT/EW product based solutions to combat emerging threats around the globe.

iRF’s Roots

You may have known us as Cobham SIGINT, TYCO SIGINT, M/A-COM SIGINT Products Group, Adams-Russell, and Microtel. Today we are Intelligent RF Solutions (iRF), operating with essentially the same team you know from the Hunt Valley operation and still developing technically superior SIGINT solutions.

Who iRF Is

The name has changed (again) but many of the faces remain the same. iRF has reassembled the core of the Hunt Valley team. Our mission: to rebuild the Hunt Valley operation into a customer-driven, agile, responsive organization that addresses current and emerging threats. As seasoned SIGINT professionals we understand the mission and the need for competitive RF solutions.

Having acquired essentially all the assets, intellectual property, test equipment, and inventory of Cobham’s Hunt Valley operation, iRF can and will continue to support the breadth of the existing product line. This includes

  • SMR 7500 series LiteRail products
  • SMR 5500 series Set on Microwave Receivers
  • SMR 3800/4800 series Microwave Receivers
  • The 388 series IF to Tape peripheral line
  • The Model 400 Series Multicoupler/Signal Distribution

In addition to delivering new production units, iRF will continue to provide spares for the existing product line. As part of the acquisition iRF will assume all in- and out-of-warranty maintenance. Please contact Chris Forgrave for support on Return Material Authorization issues. To contact Chris Forgave, our Customer Service Representative, use this phone number: 443-595-8504

Where iRF Is Going

Our goal at iRF is to be the preeminent RF products/solutions partner to the EW and INTEL communities. We will accomplish this by focusing on our customers, listening to your requirements, and crafting a cost-effective, product-based solution.

With an outstanding team we are launching a fresh series of Scalable Modular Architectures for Receive/Transmit Applications (SMART) product solutions. In addition to our broad array of down-conversion products, we are adding up-conversion products. SMART will modernize our current products to take advantage of advances in DSP, Digital FPGA-based architectures, and RF microelectronics technology. Our SMART designs optimize for SWaP-constrained and open-architecture applications including VME, VXS, and VPX.

As we apply the SMART designs to our existing product line, we can provide you with more cost-effective Search and Set On solutions. The first of these offerings will be the WideRail multimission COMINT/ELINT Search/Set On Microwave Receiver. We will be publishing Product Concept Brochures for customer input prior to development. Your input in defining these solutions is critical to the success of your programs and iRF.

We are proud to serve you from our new, more efficient facility in Sparks, Maryland. This production-ready facility includes a 25,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art design and manufacturing center. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified.