MCS-1000 Multi-Channel Digital Receiver

MCS-1000 Multi-Channel Digital Receiver

The SMR-5550i-27 RF Tuner and the SMR-5550i-30 LO Distribution Source comprise up to an eight-channel, phase coherent system suitable for very accurate time-of-arrival (TOA) applications. Based on the extremely reliable SMR-5550i receiver tuner and oscillator sections, this system uses proven receiver technology to ensure optimum performance.

Evolving from the successful SMR-5550i receiver with its exceptionally low phase noise, MCS-1000 is optimized to deliver very stable signal phase between channels in a multi-channel system. A shared set of common LO sources, combined with a symmetric layout of LO and IF routing from RF components that are hand-picked for similar characteristics, yields minimal phase drift performance between channels.

Each tuner channel is controlled from RF tuner front panel inputs or via Ethernet inputs. Additionally, a GUI is provided that enables the LO distribution source to command all tuners, simultaneously, to the same radio frequency. A symmetric LO distribution system provides phase-accurate oscillator energy to each of the eight tuner channels.

The analog IF output center frequency is operator-selectable and may be 70, 140 or 160MHz. The IF bandwidths are 50MHz/70, 100MHz/140, and 100MHz/160. A 1GHz IF having a bandwidth of 100MHz is also available. Two-, four-, six- and eight channel versions are available.


  • Up to 8 Phase Coherent Tuner Channels
  • Common LO Distribution Across Channels
  • Analog IF Output of 160/140/70MHz, User Selectable

  • Digital IF Output via Fiber (optional)
  • 0.2° rms Phase Noise, Typical
  • Consistent Phase Difference Between Channels
  • Ethernet 10/100BaseT Remote Control