SMR-3822C Low Cost Wideband Microwave Tuner

SMR-3822C Low Cost Wideband Microwave Tuner

The SMR-3822C Receiver, a member of the SMR-3800 family of high-performance synthesized microwave receivers, covers 0.5–20GHz. Continuous coverage to millimeter waves is available by connecting the FE-3820 Frequency Extender. The receiver provides simultaneous wideband IF outputs at 1GHz (500MHz bandwidth), and 160MHz (100MHz bandwidth).

NOTE: this is a drop-in replacement for the COM-SOL CS-5020C.


  • 0.5-20GHz Tuning Range

  • Extendable up to 40GHz

  • IF Outputs at 1GHz and 160MHz

  • AM and Log Detectors

  • Controlled from Workstation

  • Built-in Test Functions
  • Ethernet 10/100BaseT Control
  • Available Pelican 1650 Case


  • RF Input Blanking

  • RF Front-end Attenuation
  • Analog Sweep
  • Rapid-step Tuning