iTU-6410 Microwave VME Tuner

iTU-6410 Microwave VME Tuner

The iTU-6410 Microwave Tuner is an ultra-high performance wideband microwave tuner featuring low phase noise and extremely fast tuning speed. All of these features are compressed into a single slot 6U VME design.

The iTU-6410 is capable of tuning over the entire 0.5 to 26.5GHz range providing both narrowband and wideband outputs. The simultaneous analog outputs of 80MHz BW and 500MHz BW are centered at 16MHz and 1GHz, respectively. The analog outputs are suitable for direct input into an external A/D converter for special signal processing, spectral analysis or pulse parameterization.

The iTU-6410 functions for both single and multi-channel (phase coherent) systems. This is accomplished using a daisy chained LO distribution system. This feature makes the iTU-6410 the tuner of choice for beamforming and direction finding systems, and for a wide range of scanning/acquisition ELINT and/or EW applications.


  • Tuning Range 0.5 to 26.5GHz

  • <15 dB Noise Figure

  • Single Slot 6U VME Configuration

  • 500MHz BW at 1GHz IF

  • 80MHz BW at 160MHz IF

  • Ethernet Control (front panel) or VME

  • Other form factor configurations available (i.e. 19 inch 1U rack)