SMR-5800 Extended Tuning Range Microwave Receiver

SMR-5800 Extended Tuning Range Microwave Receiver

The SMR-5800 meets the need for a low-cost, high-performance microwave receiver with extended tuning range. The SMR-5800 electrical design features the low group delay distortion, low phase noise characteristics and high dynamic range necessary in today’s demanding signal environments. Through the use of state-of-the-art commercial components coupled with a high volume production line, the SMR-5800 sets a standard for performance-to-cost value in microwave signal reception. All receiver functions are controllable from the front panel, via Ethernet 10/100BaseT, or RS-232C serial interface.


  • 0.5–40GHz Tuning Range

  • 1U, 19-inch Rack-mount Chassis


  • Tuning Range Extension to 0.1GHz (LBU)