Model 510 UHF/SHF Microwave Multicoupler

Model 510 UHF/SHF Microwave Multicoupler

The Model 510 Microwave Multicoupler series is our latest broadband, high performance unit designed for compatibility with wide frequency range receiving systems requiring up to eight outputs from a single antenna input.

The Model 510 covers the 0.5 to 18GHz frequency range. The use of a wideband, high dynamic range amplifier results in minimum distortion over the specified frequency range and gain sufficient enough to overcome incidental losses. The Model 510 is available with eight outputs in a one-half rack chassis permitting convenient side-by-side installation.


  • Wide Passband 0.5-18GHz

  • Half-rack Chassis
  • 8 Outputs

  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Input Protection
  • High IP2 and IP3

  • High Channel-to-Channel Isolation