iWR-6500 Wideband Digital Microwave Receiver (WIDERAIL)

iWR-6500 Wideband Digital Microwave Receiver (WIDERAIL)

The iWR-6500 Wideband Digital Receiver (WIDERAIL) focuses on ELINT/Wideband COMINT applications. The unit provides frequency tuning from 0.5 to 26.5GHz. The pre-detected IF outputs of 1GHz (500MHz BW) and either 160 or 140MHz (100MHz) are provided to interface with existing post processing architectures. The standard unit is configured to support single or multi-channel, phase coherent applications.

The compact package houses iRF’s SMART RF Deck and the iDSP SMART Processor module. The iDSP Processor performs digitization of either the 1GHz and 160 (alternately 140 or 70MHz) MHz IFs with 12- and 16-bit precision respectively. The iDSP processor is a dual ARM core Zynq-based FPGA which offers significant programmable resources. The Linux based operating system provides web based services of user GUIs and control. The baseband I/Q digital output is an SFP+, 10 GigE, VITA – 49, and can be time-stamped when proper timing signals are provided to the unit. The 10 GigE port supports approximately 8 Gigabits real-time payload transfers inclusive of overhead.


  • Tuning range 0.5 to 26.5GHz (extendable to 44GHz)

  • 1GHz IF with 500MHz BW and 160MHz or 140MHz IF with 100 MHz BW

  • >65 Spur Free Dynamic Range
  • Integrated digitizer provides digital output over VITA-49, 10 GigE interface
  • Supports independent and phase coherent operation
  • Internal User defined FPGA resources dedicated to integrate customer algorithms