iCC-1000/iSL-DCxx.x Banded Low Noise Downconverter (BLND)

iCC-1000/iSL-DCxx.x Banded Low Noise Downconverter (BLND)

iRF has developed a series of the Banded Low Noise Block Down Converters. (“BLND”) as well as an associated rack mount assembly, which offers compact, modular, cost effective approach for a highly dense design of fixed dual channel coherent down converters.

The BLND product provides multiple fixed 1GHz Ka/Ku-band block down converters, each with a 950 – 1950MHz output. The plug-in channel card supports two channels on a single input frequency and is phase coherent.

This RF Front End design provides a dual channel fixed L – Band IF to interface for compatibility with existing processing systems. The converters will be housed in a rugged 5-slot Network Capable Card Cage (CD-ROM style chassis).


  • RF Input: Ku – Ka frequency bands

  • Horizontal & Vertical RF Converters

  • Low phase noise

  • 1GHz bandwidth slices

  • IF Outputs: Both Analog & RF over Fiber


iCC-1000 Applications

  • Cross Polarization

  • Antenna Diversity Processing Backhaul


  • Terrestrial Communications